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Leadville, Colorado Events

Leadville, CO, has many exciting events that take place throughout the year. The first event starts with the Leadville Loppet in February. This cross-country race debuted in 2003 and is the primary fundraiser for the care and maintenance of the historic Mineral Belt Trail. This fun-filled race has many distance categories from 10K, 22k, and 44k distances in freestyle (skate) and classic skiing. Families can come too and participate in the 1K Kids Fun Race and the 5K Costume Party Fun Race. There is something for everyone at the Leadville Loppet.

Photo credits Leadville Loppet

There is nothing quite like seeing a skier being pulled by a horse along downtown Harrison Avenue at full gallop while navigating through a course of gates, jumps, and rings. It is thrilling and scary at the same time. Leadville Ski Joring began in 1949 and is an event that put Leadville on the map. Leadville Ski Joring is always the first full weekend in March and is an event you don't want to miss.

Photo Credits John Clarkson

The Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series is a series of races that take place from January – April. The races support the Cloud City Wheelers, who have built over 20 miles of trails in Lake County. The funds help build new trails and maintain existing trails. One of the best things about Leadville is all the mountain biking opportunities available right out your front door. Visit Could City Wheelers for more information on how to participate.

Photo credits the Cloud City Wheelers

Leadville Boom Days is one of Leadville's biggest community events. This family-friendly event celebrates Leadville's mining history and Old West legacy. Join in the fun with gunslingers, drill mining contests, burro races, a car show, a wild west parade, and a street fair with a wide selection of food and craft booths, and more! The event takes place the first full weekend in August. Visit Leadville Boom Days to learn more.

Photo credits Diana Lange

Leadville has made a name for itself with the Leadville 100 extreme endurance race, a mountain biking and running race. This 100-mile course climbs and descends 15,600 feet with elevations ranging from 9,200 to 12,620 feet! If 100 miles might be a little too extreme for your tastes, there are many other races to choose from depending on your stamina and endurance, starting at 10K. These races take place all summer long, with the Leadville 100 happening in August. For more information, visit the Leadville Race Series site.

Photo credits Glen Delman

There is no shortage of outdoor sporting events throughout the year in Leadville. If you participate on your own or come as a spectator, you will be sure to feel the high-altitude excitement that makes Leadville a unique destination.

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